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Salus’ Mission

Help improve the lives of people affected by Fatigue by taking positive steps together.

Salus aims to promote and protect the good health of people who live with fatigue and related conditions, through advice, online support and The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub.

The Salus Wellbeing Programme has been developed over the past twelve years by qualified Health Practitioners and through the team’s own lived experience. Salus provides positive support and encouragement to people experiencing fatigue from a range of health conditions including but not limited to:

ME/CFS |  Fibromyalgia |  Cancer | Coeliac |  PTSD | Brain Injury | Hormonal Changes | Depression and Anxiety | Covid-19/ long covid.

We use a holistic approach and do not provide, advocate or promote the use of services that claim to provide a cure or imply they provide medically approved relief, from symptoms experienced through CFS/ME and fatigue-related conditions.

The Fatigue Wellbeing HUB is designed to help people who have experienced any of these conditions/symptoms, sign up today for more information on how to improve your health.

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We are a small charity so your donations make a huge difference to the services we can provide at Salus to support people affected by CFS, M.E, Fibromyalgia and other Fatigue related conditions.

We would like to thank you for your continued support enabling us to do what we do best.


a huge thank you from team salus x