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Eat Well For Fatigue Programme

In this three part video series Kate discusses how our food choices can impact on inflammation, brain health and energy levels. What we eat can add to symptoms of fatigue and negative. Kate demonstrates simple recipes to maximise energy and minimise fatigue.

Mindful Meditation Series

In this four part video series Sally shares what meditation is and the health benefits regular practice can bring. She expertly guides us through some simple techniques which we can use to help bring both mind and body to a place of calm and relaxation.

Pilates with Isaura

These pilates sessions are adapted to meet every individuals needs so you can benefit whether you are a begginer or slightly more experienced. Isaura guides us through different movements whilst focussing on breathing techniques and awareness exercises (imagery both literal and creative).

She also shares her knowledge on mind body connection and its benefits for physical and mental well being and discusses how pilates concentrates and quiets the mind.


Watch Those Thoughts Programme

In this two part video series Michelle Townsend, Salus health practitioner and qualified Hypnotherapist, discusses the role of our conscious and subconscious mind. Michelle explains how our thoughts and what we choose to focus on can impact on our health and wellbeing.

‘Stress Mess’ to ‘Stress Less’

In this five part video series Michelle explains what stress is, where it comes and how signs of stress can manifest in our mind and body. Michelle shares techniques for positively managing stress and creating new healthy habits.

Superfoods Series

In this seven part video series Kate explains what qualifies a food to be classed as a superfood. Kate looks at facts, health benefits, nutritional properties and purchasing suggestions as well as demonstrating simple recipes to maximise energy and minimise fatigue.

Balancing Hormones Programme

In this six part video series Kate explains how when our hormones are out of balance it can negatively impact on our body’s functions and energy levels. Kate looks at ways to naturally balance hormones and improve mood, metabolism, thyroid and adrenal function which will in turn help reduce fatigue.

A Minute with MEl

In this eighteen part series of bite size videos, Mel discusses the health benefits and uses of a variety of natural food sources which support good health. This is an excellent introduction to nutrition and insight into how food impacts our body functions.

Alkalising Programme

In this six part video series Kate discusses how the effects of acidic diets can impact on energy levels, skin conditions, headaches and allergies. Kate introduces Alkalising to support organ function, help maintain correct blood and body pH levels, balance hormones and reduce fatigue.

Mindful Movement Series

In this two part video series Jane guides us through the importance of movement and how working within your soft limits can help reduce stiffness, pain and fatigue, benefiting both mind and body. Jane demonstrates sitting and standing movements which can be adapted to suit your current health condition and broken down into bite sized chunks. We would suggest starting slowly and, allowing sufficient time to recover.

Mindful Massage

In this four part video series Jane guides us through the benefits of gentle massage. She demonstrates self and peer massage, both of which can be done fully clothed and seated.

Massage can be beneficial for relaxation, sleep, a healthy immune system, increasing blood flow reducing pain and stiffness. Massage can enhance the general wellbeing of both the recipient and the person giving the massage.

A Healthy Mind Series

In this eight part video series Lizzy explores how our thoughts impact our wellbeing and how constant negative thoughts can significantly contribute to fatigue. Lizzy shares simple tools and techniques we can use to set ourselves up to have our best day possible whatever we may be experiencing health wise.

Menopause Series

In this nine part video series Mel helps us to understand and recognise the possible impacts menopause and changing hormone levels can have on fatigue, general health and well-being. The series is relevant to all as it provides lots of insights into different ways menopause transition can affect women and their lives.

Breathing to Relax the Mind Series

In this four part video series Sally discusses how our breathing and physical state can change when we experience stress. She introduces simple breathing techniques we can use to bring us back to the present moment. By learning how to take control of the breath we can achieve a greater sense of calm and relaxation.

The Importance of Cleansing Series

In this eight part video series Kate discusses the importance of cleansing, also known as detoxing, in terms of what we put in our body, on our body and the things we use around our home. The series suggests simple ways we can to begin to reduce our toxic load and how this can impact on our energy levels and general wellbeing.


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