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Every week in 2020, our hard working registered Health Practitioners delivered LIVE Facebook events, conveying information and advice with a strong emphasis on nutritionmind and bodyThe Community HUB is a place for you to find all of these videos whenever and wherever.

90 day journey to wellness + courses

£10 per month after a 2 week free trial 

This plan includes the 90 day journey to wellness and all courses below. This is ideal for anyone who wants to get their health back on track and kickstart their recovery from Fatigue. Once you subscribe, you will begin your 90 day Journey to Wellness course. It is broken down into 13 different modules which will be released week by week. You will also have access to all of the courses below. 

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Individual Courses

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£60 one off payment
You save £40

This plan is ideal for anyone looking to better their overall general health without wanting to complete the 90 day Fatigue Journey to Wellness. You will gain access to all of the courses below. 

£20 one off payment

This course is made up of recipes, demonstrations, meal plans and so much more. You can expect to learn about what to include each mealtime i.e. protein, good facts, complex carbs etc. We will give you demonstrations of different recipes to try for breakfast lunch and dinner.  This will be accompanied by an ideal weekly shopping list, store cupboard items and various meal plans.
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£20 one off payment

Sleep is essential to the growth and repair of your body, although we all know at times sleep happens more easily than others and there are times, we find it difficult to be awake. You can expect to become educated on understanding sleep, what you can do to get to sleep quicker and improve the quality of sleep you get. It is a mixture of written content, video content and some meditation hypnosis sessions.
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£20 one off payment

These Pilates sessions are adapted to meet every individuals needs so you can benefit whether you are a beginner or slightly more experienced. Isaura guides us through different movements whilst focussing on breathing techniques and awareness exercises (imagery both literal and creative).

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£20 one off payment

As we will discover, we are designed to deal with some stress. With our modern lifestyle we often find we can become overloaded with the busyness of life and overwhelmed with things we think we should be doing or achieving, albeit personally or professionally.

£15 one off payment

This will give you a greater understanding on how our minds work and the importance of a healthy mood.  This is broken into 8 different sections made up of interesting content to read and different exercises to complete. This will also include optional worksheets to print out.

£15 one off payment

In this nine part video series Mel helps us to understand and recognise the possible impacts menopause and changing hormone levels can have on fatigue, general health and well-being. The series is relevant to all as it provides lots of insights into different ways menopause transition can affect women and their lives.

The team at Salus are working hard behind the scenes to make sure you can get the most of what the Hub can offer. This means that we are constantly developing the hub and regularly adding new features so remember to check in to keep up to date.