fitness at home for fatigue and related illness’

what do you need?

When setting up your space, be sure to have enough room to stretch your entire body out on the ground and reach arms and legs out from your centre in all directions. A quiet space is ideal. Some of our sessions will require a chair such as seated yoga. We advise you to keep your body at a 90-degree angle so if you can’t put your feet flat on the floor, we suggest putting a book or small box under your feet to create that angle and take pressure off your lower back. 

These movements shouldn’t be painful. Don’t be afraid to use modifications offered for the exercises. Bent knees versus straight legs, head and neck support, not lifting your head initially, and even going slower than instructed when following a video are all fine. A Pilates teacher will tell you that the number one thing is not to get hurt. Listen to your body and if something feels wrong to you or too much for you on any given day, modify or skip that exercise.

Image of health practitioner recording online class

Online Classes

why Pilates and Yoga?

Practicing Pilates or Yoga from home offers some huge benefits including cost, availability, and time management. You can fit your Pilates workout in around your schedule and need only 20 – 45 minutes instead of time to and from class in a gym or studio plus the hour-long class. You can go at your own pace and repeat exercises that you want to get better at, or that merely feel like what your body needs that day. we advise that you block out some time at least three times a week. Making an appointment with yourself will ensure other things in life don’t keep you from looking after yourself.

Why do we need to move?

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life. Movement is more than just ‘exercise’ and does not necessarily require effort, though it does require action. Movement affects everything, from circulation to digestion to metabolism to immunity. With movement, our bodies regulate hormone activity, detoxify and respire.

Each week we will be releasing either a new yoga or new pilates video which you can find stored here.

The benefits of moving every day:

  • Sharper memory and thinking
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Healthy muscles and bones
  • Pain reduction
  • Better mood