Long covid course

The course


This course has been designed by a team of qualified Health Practitioners to help you pace your well-being journey and take one positive step at a time. All advice and knowledge are delivered by our Long Covid Specialist, Nutritional Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Instructor. The course is made up of 5 modules with both video and written content. Each video will be automatically be ticked off a checklist as you go and once you have completed all objectives in the checklist, the next Module will be made available to you.

What will you get?

  • Five insightful modules and an additional nutrition page
  • A Long Covid Introduction
  • An introduction to our specialist health practitioners and their qualifications
  • A focus on Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Mental Health, and Breathwork
  • Nutrition advise and recipes
  • Gentle yoga and breathwork classes
  • Relaxation and Meditation video’s
  • A downloadable Wellbeing Journal to track your progress
  • A downloadable Long Covid Booklet to follow through the course
  • Access to the course anywhere at any time with your smartphone, iPad, or laptop

What is Long Covid?


Long Covid is the body still reacting to the residue of Covid 19 infection. The body displays the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue that has been caused by the body fighting a viral infection Covid 19.

Chronic fatigue is a feeling of extreme exhaustion that interrupts or stops you from doing everyday activities. The usual things that once refreshed you such as sleep, doing a favourite activity or pastime no longer seem to do so. Some people describe fatigue as having ‘brain fog’, ‘flat batteries’, and ‘unplugged’.

Why do some people get chronic fatigue and long covid? Understanding why you have become fatigued can, quite naturally, feel very important. The reality is that nobody knows exactly what sets off COVID-19 related fatigue Long covid or why some people are more prone to it than others.

The best guess is that it is likely to be linked to the severity of the inflammatory response that occurs when the body tried to fight the initial Covid-19 infection. This can be most evident in breathing response to exercise or physical activity and tiredness and lack of energy like your body is still fighting a residue of Covid 19 which it is… It can take far longer to recover from the impact of this inflammation than perhaps people expected.

Could you have Long Covid?


Complete the quiz below to see how many Long Covid symptoms you may be experiencing. If you answer yes to 3 or more of the questions, you may have Long Covid so we would advise you to complete this course.

Have you had symptoms for 8 weeks or more?
Are you experiencing fatigue or related symptoms?
Are you experiencing shortness of breath?
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Six-minute walk test

The goal is to walk for six minutes as fast as you can without running. The idea is to walk at a steady pace and measure how far you have walked. This can be done by measuring a 20m distance and walking up and down counting the number of repetitions (This is the research process and done in halls).

More commonly people track distance with a smart app on their phone there are a number of options such as the MapMyRun app, using a Fitbit or Apple watch, etc. The route you take should be as flat as possible as uphill downhill will alter your gait at respiration and give mixed results.

People suffering from long covid will notice respiration changes after a minute, and will need to pace themselves, and might be surprised at how long 6 minutes feels and the effect on breathing particularly pre long covid.

The results below are a starting point for comparison and the key element is finding where you are right now so we can move forwards. Acceptance is difficult particularly if you were very active pre covid. Remember also age and using a walking aid will also impact your results.



Green   572m and Above Green    538m and Above
Amber  527m and Above Amber  471m and Above
Red  417m and Above Red  392m and Above

The key thing to remember is that this is a baseline starting point and the idea is as you improve in the different components of this course you will improve in your walking distance.

(Men’s and women’s Long Covid assessment targets adapted from work done by Steffen TM, Hacker TA, Mollinger L. Age- and gender-related test performance in community-dwelling elderly people: Six-Minute Walk Test, Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up & Go Test, and gait speeds. Phys Ther. 2002;82(2):128-37).