Menopause Course

About the course

Our courses are designed to empower you and help you manage your fatigue. In this course we will look at how the menopause and fatigue can often go hand in hand. How the fine balance of hormones can impact on fatigue, health and wellbeing.

You can expect to learn about how menopause can affect you, what it is and why it happens. Areas of your life that may be impacted by poor sleep, brain fog, hot flushes, mood swings and anxiety and how to gently work with them. Nutrition that will support your hormones.

In this nine-part video series Mel helps us to understand and recognise the possible impacts menopause and changing hormone levels can have on fatigue, general health, and well-being. The series is relevant to all as it provides lots of insights into different ways menopause transition can affect women and their lives. This course covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why can’t I sleep?
  3. Anxiety
  4. Where are my keys?
  5. What is happening to me?
  6. It’s exhausting
  7. Cravings
  8. Pain
  9. Summary and top tip

What are the benefits?

Research shows that managing your menopause symptoms can:

  • help improve sleep quality
  • help with mood
  • reduce feelings of anxiety
  • improve energy levels
  • improve memory and brain fog

 We can’t guarantee all of these benefits for everyone, but our own experience and the published research tell us that changes like these are very common and make the challenges of participating worthwhile.

Who will you learn with?

Mel Wakeman

Mel is a Registered Nutritionist and consultant, specialising in non-diet nutrition and women’s health. Mel was diagnosed with ME when she was 16 and very much understands the impact of fatigue on living life both as a teenager and an adult. Nutrition and health have always been Mel’s passion; with over 26 years of experience working in nutrition and health as a senior lecturer. Mel now works independently with private clients and organisations and loves being part of the team at Salus. You will see Mel at the Mosley Support Group, on the Minute with Mel videos and at our Energy Kitchen Workshops.

Features on this course
  • Video content
  • Helpful factsheets
  • Understanding anxiety, brain fog, pain, and what else might be impacting your day to day living
  • Ideas for sleep routine
  • Links to the symptom checker