Pilates Sessions – £20

These Pilates sessions are adapted to meet every individual need so you can benefit whether you are a beginner or slightly more experienced. Isaura guides us through different movements whilst focusing on breathing techniques and awareness exercises (imagery both literal and creative).

  • Pilates for beginners
  • Pilates for hamstrings
  • Meditation, visualisation and gentle movement
  • Pilates for the spine
  • Pilates for the mind
  • Slightly more advanced gentle movement for digestion
  • Pilates and physical balance
  • Incorporating movement into daily life using flow
  • Pilates for stress
  • Stretch and relax

Isaura is a level 3 qualified Pilates teacher, who has trained in ballet and contemporary dance for over 10 years. She enjoys bringing back freedom of movement to people who have injury, illness and through lifestyle, may have reduced their movement range. I have seen the amazing work Pilates can do to improve a persons physical and mental health.

By instilling new habits, balance, focus and an understanding of the body we find it is possible to achieve and maintain a greater quality of life. Isaura try uses a relaxed approach as everyone’s body moves and is held differently. We believe in working within your limits to identify strengths and weaknesses and not attempting to push your body past it’s natural boundary for that time.