This weeks Pilates Class

Standing Pilates – 15 minutes

“Standing Pilates session with a chair for support. Developmental exercise with plenty of options for knee stability.”

Other Classes

20 minutes arms and shoulders

20 minute Pilates flow – Twists


30 minute Breath and flow


Pilates for Anxiety – 20 minutes


Morning Flow – 15 minutes


Seated Flow – 15 minutes


More about Isaura Rushton

I am a level 3 qualified Pilates teacher, who has trained in ballet and contemporary dance for over 10 years. I enjoy bringing back freedom of movement to people who have injury, illness and through lifestyle, may have reduced their movement range. I have seen the amazing work Pilates can do to improve a persons physical and mental health. By instilling new habits, balance, focus and an understanding of the body I find it is possible to achieve and maintain a greater quality of life. I try to take a relaxed approach as everyone’s body moves and is held differently. I believe in working within your limits to identify strengths and weaknesses and not attempting to push your body past it’s natural boundary for that time.